Annual Day

»We celebrate our annual day on 25th February every year
»on this day we give our students prizes,gifts,shields,memento(s). Students play acting,do raas-garbas,dancing etc. to give a message to the society in general. Other Cultural and social activities are also done by all students.
»On this Day we motivate our students who have achieved any kind of special achievement in last year like sports,events ,quiz,singing,drawing,acting and other social and cultural activity by giving prize and certificates.

ECO Club

»Eco club has been established to make aware students to use eco-friendly things and help save the environment.
»In this club we are organizing a save-petrol day by doing cycle rally to make people aware about saving petrol.
»Students visit some nature parks like Victoria Park, Velavadar National Century, Hingolgadh,Gir Century, etc.
»Students of this eco club are taking care of around 50 trees in our school campus.


»VivekanadJaynati (12th Jan), Kite Festival(14th Jan) and Republic Day (26th Jan).
»Holi - Dhuleti (March).
»Janmashtami, Ganesh Utsav, Independence Day(15th Aug).
»Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct) and Sardar Patel Jayanti (31st Oct).
»Diwali Celebration and Christmas Celebration


»In NSS we are cleaning plastic waste from Ghogha Circle, Hospitals and other surrounding areas.
»Our students have planted around 300 trees sponsored by forest department.
»make people aware to use the less plastic and use recyclable products.
»Under One Day tracking program batches of 50 students went Malnath,sihor,Gautameshvar,Hastgiri,Koliyak(Nishkalank Mahadev),Kuda,Hathab for tracking activity.

Parents meet

»After analyzing the performance and knowledge of students we are making parents meet frequently.
»So every parents would be informed by their child(s) progress and if they are having questions regarding the study then teachers can solve them.


»Our School is having almost all the facility for every sport and equipment, So in every sports our students get opportunity to learn and become a professional player
»After School gets over, School is having B.M.Shah Volleyball Club where the experts guide the students for improvement in their game.

Yoga and Prayer

»Before starting study our students make a Prayer and YOGA (Meditation) for 5 minutes so that they can concentrate properly on their studies.
»On every Saturday whole school meets in first lecture and in that students present some small but meaningful plays and do News Reading so by this way they could develop their external skills.